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Family Counseling

Family counseling provides a means to evaluate the dynamics of your family. To learn new ways in which to communicate with each other, providing a place to better understand ways in which the family, through all of its stages, can relate and understand.  

Through family counseling, the role of the family members may become expanded to better help each relate in a healthy and helpful way.

We strive to develop common and individual goals, as well as identify a means to support and assist the family members in that goal attainment.

 We assist family members with difficult decisions and difficult times.

Helping each other through difficult times, as well as learning to share common joyous times are hallmarks of family counseling.


 Sometimes, we need to relearn how to share the joyous times, too.

Family counseling is required as part of our approach to dealing with adolescents. Both the individual (adolescent) and the family learn to work together to identify and attain common goals.





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